Tearing Out

I’ve been using Colors! for the Nintendo DS for some time, and haven’t really tried the iPhone version yet. After painting with Sketchbook on it, I thought I ought to give Colors! a shot as well. Although sometimes the program might be unresponsive, (i.e., failing to detect scrolling and zooming) I found it a lot faster to work with. Maybe because I’ve used this program on the DS a lot, but it was much easier maneuvering with brush settings. You can set the opacity and brush size to change by how much you tilt your device.

Anyhow, I haven’t been feeling too great lately. This is perhaps the first real attempt I made to paint it out. Usually I have a hard time drawing anything when I am upset. So, here is a small sketch for stress relief ; my anger, frustration, pain – I am trying to tear myself out of it but it’s really hard and it hurts too.

I focused mostly on the facial expression, and the hands. Hands can be very expressive, but it looks like I need more practice with them.

Click on the image to go the Colors! page where you can watch the painting process. The great thing about Colors! is that you get to watch how each painting was made.