Badger Headphones

For one of the Blender beginner workshops at MongrelFX, we (David Lee, Stanislas Paillereau, and I) based the lesson on how to model on a pair of headphones. After finishing the basic pair of headphones that the students will model, we wanted to design one for ourselves. Here is the render from Blender, with some color correction in photoshop:

And then we tried to play with Cycles render; it’s not very stable but it made very nice results. The materials had to be remade for rendering in Cycles, they are node-based, and when they’re mixed, they’re called “Closures.” For example, the plastic material is a mix between a Diffuse and a Glossy, and they were combined using a “Add Closure” node. Also, lamps had to be replaced planes with and Emit material for lighting.

Creating the graphic for the headphones was really fun as well; I wanted a custom painted look, and decided the badger would be an interesting design challenge. The image was painted completely in the Blender texture painting mode. It’s a little sloppy but I think it helped create the painted look. I’ll probably be cleaning it up for other purposes later on.

Also go check out the headphones David and Stan made! They’re awesome!