Here is a seahorse character I designed as part of a bigger scene I’m working on with my friends David and Stan. They’re working on the other ocean animals (jellyfish) and the coral reef.

A long line of sea creatures always follow behind him as the Pied Piper of the ocean creates his enchanting melodies. He doesn’t really have a name yet, but he’s just called the Sea-Piper for now. The entire scene hasn’t been finished yet so here are some renders of the Sea-Piper by itself.


The character sheet was made after I had started modeling because I was having some trouble figuring out the shape of the character. I made renders of the basic shape I made and painted on top of them. Creating the character sheet also helped make the texturing much easier. Another surprisingly interesting thing to work on was the bubbles – I might create a more dedicated post about how I made them in the near future.