K-ON! keychains

I made these keychains based on the characters from the anime called K-ON! They’re made with Grafix brand inkjet printable shrink plastic and coated with embossing powder to make them waterproof (otherwise the ink will smear off if the piece gets wet). The package instructions said the graphics should be printed lighter because baking process would make the colors more intense so I set them at 80% opacity and printed at 600×600 ppi. I was really nervous that the colors wouldn’t show much on the clear plastic, but when they were baked, they had the opacity of frosted glass, which looked kind of cool because the back part which wasn’t printed out had a colorfully blurryish silhouette.

It was a little bit disappointing that the details got lost in the shrinkage, but I suppose it ought to be expected. So here is an image of all the characters put together. I also made another set of character keychains which I will post a little later.