Leaving the Forest

“When you play my Ocarina, I hope you will think of me and come back to the forest to visit.” – Saria sariasGoodbye

I’m starting a project with my talented friend Esteban Campos. It’s going to be an art book, chronologically depicting all of Link’s adventures as he travels through Hyrule in the Ocarina of Time. So far we’ve planned the book to have about 32 illustrations, so it’s going to be a huge project but we think it will be well worth it in the end.

I also submitted this into Woodland Mel’s Hyrule Historia’s Calendar contest. She has some really great prizes and it seemed like this scene really works for the theme. Her work is amazing too. Here is the link to her dA. You can also find out more about her contest there.

Here are some screenshots I took while working on this painting to show the steps. I usually start to lay out the picture using just gray, and then using a gradient set on “Color”. Then I just use that Color layer to fill in the rest of the colors. This is a great way to keep the values that I want to keep the composition.