Magikarp used Splash

Some of my friends have been asking me to draw pokemon for them ever since I painted that Arkanine. So I offered to do a free random request on my Facebook page, and several people asked for their favorite badass pokemon using a cool attack, but someone asked for a Magikarp using splash, just to be funny…and she won…so I did my best to make the lamest pokemon ever, interesting:

I used water color and some Winsor and Newton iridescent medium (which I’ve been magikarpThumbwanting to try for a while) to make the waves sparkly but you can’t really see it in the scan, but it looks very pretty when the glittery parts catch the light. I also always make a thumbnail before I start any illustrations – here is the initial quickie I drew on my iPhone using SketchBook Mobile Express by Autodesk. It’s great for planning out sketches during commutes.