Pablo’s Telescope

Here is an image I made to try out for a children’s book illustrator. (The text is mine since the text that is supposed go with this picture is copyrighted, I just made some filler.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen but the judges said I was really close…but whatever. In the end I made something I was happy with.

The original is done with pencils, and it was scanned in and colored with photoshop. I also made a few¬†preliminary¬†sketches to determine how I wanted the kids to look like. I think my favorite is the little girl with hooded shirt. The sketch was done in landscape because I wasn’t sure of the orientation they wanted, but I was able to fit the concept into a portrait orientation even.

I chose to do this image with traditional media because it seemed more precious and lovely. The description of the book given by the creators was that it is “the ultimate love letter from parents to their child,” or something like that.