Acrylics x 2!

A year ago I got into acrylic painting thanks to the Imaginism Workshop in Toronto and the final assignment was to do an acrylic painting. At the time, I wasn’t very confident with my color choices and so I brought home an unfinished painting. The next day after I got back from Toronto, I went out to buy some acrylic paints and supplies so that I could finish it. The paints and the painting were stowed away in my drawer for more than a year, forgotten.

This month I was invited to the wedding of my good friend from college and I thought she would really like it if I gave her a painting. I remembered  that she liked piggies and collected them, so I made her this painting:


 I got the frame from Blick – its made of wood, wrapped with gold leaf. I think it matches really nicely with the blue.

And after this, since I still all my supplies out and my pallette still had big wet globs of paint on it, I was finally able to finish my picture that I started at Imaginism. I think it’s from the previous painting that I got the confidence that I was capable of making a decent painting in this new medium. I would really like to do more with acrylics when I get a chance.


Now to get a frame for this one…