Bunny Slopes

Last weekend I went snowboarding with my friends. It was very tiring but so much fun. I always thought it really cute that the beginner/practice slopes were called bunny slopes.

The white”bunnies” that we see in the winter are actually snowshoe hares, which are different from rabbits. Rabbits shed their brown summer fur and become grey during the winter, whereas hares have white fur. Hares generally larger and faster than rabbits. They also have larger feet and longer ears. And unlike young rabbits, young hares are born with fur and sight, and are able to fend for themselves soon after birth. Rabbits prefer soft stems, grass or vegetables, but Hares eat more hard food: bark and rind, buds, small twigs and shoots. In general, hares are more badass.

Anyway, I made this for my holiday cards this year.
Holidays  Happy Holidays and I hope you had a great 2014 and will have an even better 2015.