The Legend of the Dragon’s Gate

The Blue River of the sky that flowed into the Golden River of the land was separated by the legendary Dragon’s Gate. Beyond the Dragon’s Gate, high in the mountains, was where the gods lived.

Legend among the koi fish in the Golden river had it that there was a time when there was no barrier between the land and the sky. The entrance to the Blue River was upstream through the Dragon’s Gate atop a great waterfall. If a koi succeeded in climbing the falls past that point, it would be transformed into a dragon.

Most of the koi could not be bothered to swim against the current, as it was much easier to go with it and the gods had set traps that tricked them into never going up the river. However, there was one that was determined swim upstream to find out what was beyond the Dragon’s Gate. The current was very strong but the young koi made its way up the river, until the gods took notice and tried to stop him. They made the water dark and dirty so that the koi was unable to see, but the little fish kept going. The God of Air saw what was happening, and summoned a whirlwind to clear the water so the koi could continue.


As the koi felt he was getting close, there was less and less water around him until he bumped into a wall. He heard the gods laughing and saw that the Dragon’s Gate was beyond this wall. The only way to go was to leap over it, so the koi splashed as hard as he could, only to fall back into the water. He refused to give up and kept trying to jump over. The God of the Water, who had been watching the little fish’s efforts, wanted to lend the fish a hand. He summoned a huge wave as the fish made his final leap. The koi made it over the wall and as he passed through the Dragon’s Gate, he transformed into a powerful dragon and soared into the sky.