The Jade Rabbit of the Moon

Boneshaker Press is doing a Volume 2 of Encounters with the Imaginary. It’s filled with amazing artists so I try my best to stay on par with the everyone participating.

For my story, I looked to my roots because I realized I know very little about my own culture, and found the story of the Moon Rabbit, or the Jade Rabbit (Jade and Moon sound similar in Chinese, and the language and culture is very punny, which I really like) Folklore about a celestial rabbit was made up based on pareidolia that identifies the markings of the moon as a rabbit in Aztec, East Asian cultures (Japan, Korea, and China).In the Chinese folklore, the Rabbit had the important task of making the Elixir of Life for the Moon Goddess, and in the most eventful part of its career, the mission to cure a plague on Earth. Here is my series of paintings that illustrate the story:

Moon Goddess

And finally

Jade Rabbit