Sci-Fi Action Sequence

In summer 2011, I did work for Mongrel FX LLC in character design, color script and story boarding, modeling, texturing, animation and lighting for their sci-fi short film. It used a combination of motion capture and regular keyframe animation. I am able to show these here because it was decided that my work will no longer be used in the production. Here is the color script/storyboard – there are 114 frames in all:


Some panels are missing due to ending of the project. The fighting sequences were supposed use motion capture data from professional martial artists but these were never choreographed. I have replaced names and modified it from the original script since that is copyrighted.

Here are the outfits I designed for 5 of the main characters.

outfitsThe first thing we set out to do was to create teaser – so I chose the scenes we would work on to create a coherent story. Here is the sequence:

Here are some stills of the shots I worked on

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