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The Legend of the Dragon’s Gate

The Blue River of the sky that flowed into the Golden River of the land was separated by the legendary Dragon’s Gate. Beyond the Dragon’s Gate, high in the mountains, was where the gods...

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The Village of the Nightingales

  Long ago, there was a woodcutter who made a living by gathering lumber from the forest. One day as he walked through the forest, a mysterious fog appeared and he lost his way....

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Sadness and BingBong

  I saw Pixar’s Inside Out the other day, and the movie was a real tear jerker. I think my favorite character was BingBong. He’s the real hero of the story <3 so I...

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The Kappa’s Water Basin

…the third night, the Kappa came again to try to get their stone back. But this time the humans put on masks and brought out many melons and cucumbers for the kappa to feel...

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Bunny Slopes

Last weekend I went snowboarding with my friends. It was very tiring but so much fun. I always thought it really cute that the beginner/practice slopes were called bunny slopes. The white”bunnies” that we...

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Inktober 2014

Inktober is a drawing challenge that Mr. Jake Parker started and became somewhat of an international endeavor. This year I decide to take part in it as a way to make a  bunch of...

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Sketch Dailies – The Boxtrolls

  I made this for a Sketch Dailies event to draw our favorite Boxtrolls. I imagine them saying “One of us! One of us!”