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Acrylics x 2!

A year ago I got into acrylic painting thanks to the Imaginism Workshop in Toronto and the final assignment was to do an acrylic painting. At the time, I wasn’t very confident with my color choices...

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Pablo’s Telescope

Here is an image I made to try out for a children’s book illustrator. (The text is mine since the text that is supposed go with this picture is copyrighted, I just made some...

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60s Beach Lady

Happy Memorial Day Weekend – drawn on Colors! on iPhone

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K-ON! keychains

I made these keychains based on the characters from the anime called K-ON! They’re made with Grafix brand inkjet printable shrink plastic and coated with embossing powder to make them waterproof (otherwise the ink will...

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Year of the Dragon

2012 marks the Year of the Dragon on the Lunar Calendar! Here is a pencil drawing I made to start off my year. When I was younger, I used to secretly feel bad for...

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Anago boy Ko

This anago (eel) maker thing is pretty popular right now: http://anago.crap.jp/ And making eel gijinka or moe anthropomorphism is all the rage on tumblr…I haven’t got a tumblr account but people started uploading them to...

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Here is a seahorse character I designed as part of a bigger scene I’m working on with my friends David and Stan. They’re working on the other ocean animals (jellyfish) and the coral reef....