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Summer Reading

I made this little doodle on Colors! on the 3DS during my commutes. I’m starting to get used to the lack of pressure sensitivity that existed on the DS Lite version of Colors! Here...

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60s Beach Lady

Happy Memorial Day Weekend – drawn on Colors! on iPhone

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Plein Air Rabbits

Picked up Colors! again on the Nintendo DS click the image to watch the process on Colors! Gallery

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Flying with the Para-Beetles

Inspired by Level 7-6 of Super Mario Bros. Wii. I thought the huge Para-beetles were adorable, even though that level was very frustrating to play with more than one player. Anyone who played this...

Midnight Phantasmagory – sneak peeks 0

Midnight Phantasmagory – sneak peeks

Lately I have been working on two illustrations for this book called the Midnight Phantasmagory, a horror-themed art book with many talented contributing artists, organized by Grace F. and Rachael H-N. We were asked not to post...

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Mr. Figm

This creature whom I have name Mr. Figm, appeared to me as I was falling asleep one night. For some reason, when I close my eyes and my mind begins to wander into the...

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai 0

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai

This is almost all the life drawings I’ve done in my two sketchbooks so far. The ones on the left are older. Many of them are done on the subway; some are of professors...

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Skelanimals were designed by Mitchell Bernal about 5 or 6 years ago and are well-received in quite a few countries. So for the contest with his interview on Sketchoholic, participants created artwork of his...

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Be Merry

Here’s to wishing everyone a happy holiday filled with love and peace! May the new year bring great new things! I like to draw Christmas cards every year, and for some reason, I tend...

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Tearing Out

I’ve been using Colors! for the Nintendo DS for some time, and haven’t really tried the iPhone version yet. After painting with Sketchbook on it, I thought I ought to give Colors! a shot...