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magikarp 0

Magikarp used Splash

Some of my friends have been asking me to draw pokemon for them ever since I painted that Arkanine. So I offered to do a free random request on my Facebook page, and several...

beachLadyS 0

60s Beach Lady

Happy Memorial Day Weekend – drawn on Colors! on iPhone

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai 0

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai

This is almost all the life drawings I’ve done in my two sketchbooks so far. The ones on the left are older. Many of them are done on the subway; some are of professors...

Tearing Out 0

Tearing Out

I’ve been using Colors! for the Nintendo DS for some time, and haven’t really tried the iPhone version yet. After painting with Sketchbook on it, I thought I ought to give Colors! a shot...

Croissant Maiden 0

Croissant Maiden

I was messing around with the symmetry-draw on Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile Express (the free version)¬†on the iPhone. It was difficult seeing what I was doing because my finger would be blocking the brush stroke...