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Inktober 2014

Inktober is a drawing challenge that Mr. Jake Parker started and became somewhat of an international endeavor. This year I decide to take part in it as a way to make a  bunch of...

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Sketch Dailies – The Boxtrolls

  I made this for a Sketch Dailies event to draw our favorite Boxtrolls. I imagine them saying “One of us! One of us!”  

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Pablo’s Telescope

Here is an image I made to try out for a children’s book illustrator. (The text is mine since the text that is supposed go with this picture is copyrighted, I just made some...

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Dragons Like Fish

There is all this fish in the water, why is he just sitting there with that funny pole? I want fish, there is a lot of fish in there, there is — FISH!!  How...

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai 0

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai

This is almost all the life drawings I’ve done in my two sketchbooks so far. The ones on the left are older. Many of them are done on the subway; some are of professors...

Health Clinic & Library 0

Health Clinic & Library

Last week I went to get check up and sketched some people there. It wasn’t a long wait and there weren’t many people because it was early in the morning. Today I went to...

Restaurant sketch 0

Restaurant sketch

The waiter at the restaurant saw this and really wanted it but it wasn’t finished so I wouldn’t give it to him. I was just sketching what I saw in front of me as...