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Dragons Like Fish

There is all this fish in the water, why is he just sitting there with that funny pole? I want fish, there is a lot of fish in there, there is — FISH!!  How...

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Year of the Dragon

2012 marks the Year of the Dragon on the Lunar Calendar! Here is a pencil drawing I made to start off my year. When I was younger, I used to secretly feel bad for...

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A painting I made as a surprise gift for my friend, done with watercolor and gouache on cold press watercolor paper. I used masking fluid to make the little dots…wish this paper had a little...

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Warm Wishes

Polar bear likes to make sure his friend doesn’t miss the holidays just because he hibernates. I hope every has great holidays with their family and friends, and also will have a Happy New...

Professor Layton Part 1 0

Professor Layton Part 1

I am planning to make a series of videogame fan art to bring to the Artist Alley of the New York Anime Festival/Comic Con. The first one features characters from the Professor Layton games...

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Self Portrait

A self portrait done on 5″x7″ cardstock using NEOPIKO-2 alchohol-based markers.  This is the first time I’ve ever drawn a picture from a mirror. I’m still not used to the jump in the greyscale...

My Valentine 0

My Valentine

A Valentine’s Day card made for my significant other, done with India ink and red construction paper. I also made him heart-shaped butter cookies and cranberry-oatmeal ones too.

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai 0

Life Drawing Compilation & a Samurai

This is almost all the life drawings I’ve done in my two sketchbooks so far. The ones on the left are older. Many of them are done on the subway; some are of professors...

Frogs Miming in Your Bottle 0

Frogs Miming in Your Bottle

The people at Art Water challenged the deviantART community to design the labels for their fancily-shaped bottles. They encouraged artists to include their own aesthetic insights in the design. I wanted to create something...