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Sadness and BingBong

  I saw Pixar’s Inside Out the other day, and the movie was a real tear jerker. I think my favorite character was BingBong. He’s the real hero of the story <3 so I...

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Inktober 2014

Inktober is a drawing challenge that Mr. Jake Parker started and became somewhat of an international endeavor. This year I decide to take part in it as a way to make a  bunch of...

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Sketch Dailies – The Boxtrolls

  I made this for a Sketch Dailies event to draw our favorite Boxtrolls. I imagine them saying “One of us! One of us!”  

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Chasing the Dragon

This is the third year I’ve contributed to the Women In Canoe fundraiser dinner! In the previous 2 years I made paintings with boating, but there’s only that much you can do with ladies sitting...

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WIC Dragon Boat Fundraiser Auction

Women in Canoe Dragon Boat team holds a fundraiser dinner annually to raise money for their activities. I used to be part of the team and they are the most awesome group ever –...

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Sasquatch Duet

Bigfoot and Yeti are actually long lost brothers who also happen to be musical prodigies. Once a year, they travel far away from their homes to meet on the winter solstice and deliver the...

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Magikarp used Splash

Some of my friends have been asking me to draw pokemon for them ever since I painted that Arkanine. So I offered to do a free random request on my Facebook page, and several...

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Scanning Watercolors

A lot of the color gets lost when you scan a traditional piece of work. It was really frustrating when I scanned in my ACEO watercolor painting and the colors looked nothing the the...